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About Us

About Us

The first consultation with us may take an hour or more, however simple acute complaints take 15 – 30 minutes. Information relating to current symptoms and past medical history will be required. Questions may also be asked about diet, sleep, and lifestyle and also about some mental and emotional aspects. Physical examination may be required according to your particular complaints. Treatment then involves prescription of most suitable medicine matching all of the symptoms and individual characteristics of the patient to the medicine.
Homeopathy medicines are prepared according to strict guidelines given by Homoeopathic pharmacopeias of medicine from a variety of natural sources. They can be given in form of liquid, granules, powder or tablet and are designed to stimulate the body’s natural healing forces.
A single dose or repeated doses of medicine may be given. These small amounts of medicine are sufficient to stimulate the body’s healing process.
Where illness has developed over a long time several successive medicines may be needed during the course of weeks, months or year.
A correctly selected remedy not only takes care of your present complaints but also treats present form of future diseases.